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Is my desire to see the power of God selfish?

There is a tenet of Ignatian spirituality*[see note below] that when our hearts are generally inclined towards God [that we are generally consecrated to Him] the desires of our hearts are placed there by Him. If you have prayed a genuine prayer of consecration and your desire is to worship God, then you can trust […]

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“God I know you can- I don’t know if you will.”

This question came to me from an honest, earnest seeker.

I know God can heal me, but I don’t know if He will. He hasn’t healed my back. I’ve wondered if he’s doing this because he wants me to learn something from this- to identify with the sufferings of Christ in some way- or to […]

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If sickness is something God doesn’t will- then why do we die?

The argument goes something like this – isn’t death often a natural result of sickness. We get old and sick and then we die. If God has “ordained” death then why oppose sickness?

Death was never God’s Plan for man. It entered human history because of the sin of rebellion. Man stepped out from under […]

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Does healing prayer depend on the faith of the person being prayed for?

Faith is a big part of healing but it isn’t the only factor. When it is the “cause” of the healing it is most often found in the faith of family and friends. This means that pastorally we should never place the burden for the lack of healing upon the sick person, BUT there […]

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What is our motivation for understanding the Bible better?

What we think about God determines the emotional, psychological and relational state of our lives. True and accurate thoughts about God’s nature and our nature are essential to a successful life. The Bible is our primary source for understanding truth about the nature of God and ourselves.

The Bible needs to be studied to be […]

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How can we respond to Bible critics?

Someone recently asked me that if we don’t pay attention to some of the laws in the Bible [in the Old Testament], why should we pay attention to anything it says?


Since Jesus’ intervention into human history we are not bound by these laws. Nothing could be clearer. Paul sets out the “New Covenant” and […]

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Attracting God’s Blessing


We have been teaching a sermon series on blessing and focusing on being a blessing.  We have defined being a blessing as “passing on to others the blessings of God.” But before we pass them on we have to receive them. So how do we “attract” the blessings of God? […]

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What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is thought by most people to be the right answer when faced with a difficult decision. We turn to the wise person for the answer. The wise person gives us an answer that may be the correct decision for us, and so we go away having received “wisdom”. The problem with this solution […]

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If God doesn’t want people sick- why shouldn’t we all just go to hospitals and heal everyone?

The timing of a healing is often as strategic to God’s plan as the healing itself. As I see it, our job is to pray and God’s job is to heal. The spiritual gifts of healing and miracles are not a credit card God gives us on one occasion and then says go out […]

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Book of Philippians

The book of Philippians is a letter to a church. To understand the letter we have to understand the church. Churches are just like people; they have a genetic code which they received from their parents. They are formed as well, through the experience of their early formative years.  The church of Philippi is […]

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