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What is the gospel?

The Gospel is the good news that you do not have to be you, as you are right now, for ever. It is really good news  because, any one who has lived more than 20 years knows that they are incapable of making the changes, at the depth of their personality, that are necessary […]

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What do you mean by a transformed life?

I like cars. I love those TV shows that show some beat up, rusty wreck being rescued from a junk yard. The show takes the viewer through the process of restoration. We see the rust being cut out, the whole car being sand blasted to remove corrosion, and bent parts being straightened, etc. The […]

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If repentance is so good, why did it get such a bad rap?

Repentance is spiritual breathing.

We “breath” out what is an attempt by the enemy of our soul to sow shame into our lives and we breath in the affect of Jesus work on the cross [forgiveness, love and acceptance].

Shame is one of the main reasons why repentance has a bad reputation. Legalistic Christianity [which is […]

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“We have nothing to fear but pride itself”

I just got this email and it provoked some thoughts about pride. They wrote:


Your messages have been amazing! It was so quiet on Sunday as you were speaking, so I know the words you were speaking were going straight to people’s hearts, including mine.

Your description of the sins we commit just being surface symptoms […]

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What do you see?

Many of us have seen the ink drawing which, at first glance, appears to be nothing more than wandering lines on a page. We are told it is a drawing of an ugly old hag. Soon we see the ugly old hag and we can’t believe we didn’t see her immediately.  At this point, […]

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What is listening prayer?

Listening prayer is listening with the intent of hearing God’s message to us, for whatever He wants to say. It is not about getting our prayers answered. It is not about our needs or desires. It is focused on intimacy with God who is our loving Father. It does not seek information, wisdom or […]

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Answer re: John 6:28-29


I was reading John 6:28-29 & wanted to get your opinion. The people wanted to perform miracles, but Jesus said that God only wanted them to believe. If someone rebuts modern-day prophesy w/this scripture (which they have not), what should I say?

Mark wrote – the context for this statement is the feeding of the […]

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How often do people in the church view a failure to get well as the fault of the sick person?

This is a serious problem and one that Shell and I have coped with personally during her 17 year illness. The “faith” community has taken the role of faith in healing prayer and exaggerated its importance to the point where it is treated as a magic formula. Just generate enough faith and God HAS TO […]

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What about Gossip?

In response to questions about gossip:

Gossip is any statement however made that would tend to depreciate the reputation of the person being the subject of the statement. The fact that the statement is true is not a defense to gossip. The fact that the statement is made with a request for prayer for the […]

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Enlarge my Territory

​​The following post is a collection of excerpts from Mark’s sermon. Listen to the podcast for the full sermon.

The Bible says that Jabez was an honorable man and from this we can deduce that his prayer for blessing and an enlarged territory was not a selfish prayer. He was asking for blessing in order […]

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