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How can we respond to Bible critics?

Someone recently asked me that if we don’t pay attention to some of the laws in the Bible [in the Old Testament], why should we pay attention to anything it says?


Since Jesus’ intervention into human history we are not bound by these laws. Nothing could be clearer. Paul sets out the “New Covenant” and […]

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Attracting God’s Blessing


We have been teaching a sermon series on blessing and focusing on being a blessing.  We have defined being a blessing as “passing on to others the blessings of God.” But before we pass them on we have to receive them. So how do we “attract” the blessings of God? […]

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What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is thought by most people to be the right answer when faced with a difficult decision. We turn to the wise person for the answer. The wise person gives us an answer that may be the correct decision for us, and so we go away having received “wisdom”. The problem with this solution […]

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